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Running for Charity in 2017

The Marathon, half Marathon and a 10km race organised by the Rotary Club of Dartmoor Vale will be held on Sunday 29th October 2017. This is the 13th annual race organised by the club and each one has been a great charity fund raising success. 13th annual event organised by the Club and each one has been a great charity fund raising success. More than £150,000 has been raised for charities over the history of the event and over £60,000 raised by runners for their own charitable causes.The success of the event has increased annually, so it is hoped that the funds raised this year will be even greater.

If you are thinking of running for charity, we are keen to support your efforts - send us whatever you collect, we will send the amount you raise, plus any Gift Aid, plus a share of the profits from the event to your nominated charity. Remember, runners may choose any worthy charity, which could be a major national charity or simply their own local sports or social club.

There is no need to register the charity with us.  Simply enter the name of the charity's name on the Entry form and on the Sponsorship form. 

For more information on raising money for charity, please contact Brian Goddard of the Rotary Club of Dartmoor Vale on 07936 889471.

Funds raised for Charity

The event was again successful in raising money for charity.  Runners sent to us the sponsorship that they raised and we hope to be able to add 50% when we make the final distribution of the surplus in early February.

We have received sponsorship totaling £6,400 from runners and have already made the following donations (which include the Gift Aid we expect to be able to reclaim):

Examples of Charities that have benefitted in Recent Years
Rowcroft Hospice
1st Chudleigh Scouts
Pancreatic Cancer Research
Rydon Primary School
Force Cancer Foundation
Children in Need
Friends of Buckfastleigh School
Christian Aid
Prader Willi Foundation
Crohns & Colitis UK
Volunteering in Health